where can i buy your jewelry?

★ all of my jewelry is available through my website, i try to keep up on listings on all social media platforms as well.

what is your return policy?

★ your satisfaction is my priority, if you have any problems with your order please let my know. all sales are final. i don't accept returns as of now, however, if something happens in transit and you receive an order that is damaged or broken, reach out at shopluckynine@gmail.com to let me know & we will go from there. i am in no way responsible for lost or stolen items in the mail. i make perfectly imperfect jewelry locally by hand & every order is inspected thoroughly to ensure quality pieces that should last lifetimes with proper care :)

do you make custom orders?/ how can i get on your customs list?

★ absolutely, when i can! reach out to shopluckynine@gmail.com and i can make something personalized for you, just be aware that most custom orders can take 4-8 weeks (sometimes more depending on how intricate) to receive, depending on availability. 

when will i receive my order?

★ orders are packaged & dropped 'ready to ship' in 1-3 days, from there is up to carrier/chosen shipping timeline :)

i don't know my size. how do i find out?

★ if you are curious about your ring or wrist size, or desired chain length, you can go to any local jeweler and get sized! i recommend that over anything else, its the most reliable to ensure that your piece fits :)

keep in mind, rings with thicker bands will fit more snug compared ones with a thinner band. it is a good idea to size up if the band is thick.

what should i do if my piece doesn't fit?

★ i am happy to exchange your ring/ jewelry for a different size if i have it in stock. most rings are one of a kind pieces and cannot be exchanged for a different size, however nearly any local jeweler can resize a ring for you. i want to make sure you are satisfied with your order, so if your ring doesn't fit please contact me at shopluckynine@gmail.com & i'll see what i can do for you <3

do you offer repairs?

 normally i do not offer repairs. i do my best to ensure quality pieces that wear beautifully for years to come as long as they are treated with proper care, many times i would refer you to a local jeweler. however, if there is a problem please do reach out and i'll see what i can do. again, your satisfaction is my priority <3

did i miss anything? email me at shopluckynine@gmail.com